Planning a vacation to Mexico

Everything you need to know about planning a getaway to sunny Mexico from the experts at Eugene Airport and Vacation MOM.

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Go play grown up

Plan a grown up getaway with these tips from Vacation MOM and Fly EUG airport.

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Planning for international travel

Before your family ventures abroad, be sure to check out this advice from Vaction MOM and Eugene Airport.


Practicing gratitude

Health Coach, Meg Orion, shares her advice for developing a grateful attitude.

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Mom goes back to school online

Laura Kaspers, mom and iLearn online student, shares her experience of going back to school after years as a stay-at-home mom.
Returning to the workforce after a 15 year hiatus can be scary, especially if your skills need to be refreshed in order to compete for a job in the field you want. Ask Laura Kasper, she knows.

Laura graduated from OSU in 1991 with a bachelor's in Spanish and additional emphasis on International Business and Finance. After a few years in the workforce, she decided to raise her children as a stay-at-home mom. Her children are now teenagers and Laura is ready to go back to work.

But, times have changed and so have her interests; Laura now wants to be an Accounting Clerk. In order to get the training and credentials she needs, she began to look for schools and found LB iLearn Online.

At first, she wasn't sure about enrolling in an online program, but she knew juggling parental duties and student duties would be a challenge with traditional on-campus classes. LB iLearn allowed her to enroll when she was ready, any Wednesday of the year, and allowed her to work at her own pace. She found with a little planning she could arrange her days to allow time for both family and coursework.

"Some days I am able to get a lot of studying in and others, not so much," she said. "I try and set aside blocks of time each day to study and take the weekends off for family time."

With the support of her family, Laura completed her Accounting Clerk Certificate in May 2017. She is now a believer in the distance learning format.

"I've never experienced online education, but I must say, I love the iLearn program," she said. "I have told many of my friends about it."

To find out how you can start earning a certificate or degree online, visit or call 541-917-4887.

Flying with kids

If you're traveling by plane this summer, don't depart without reading these tips from Vacation MOM and Eugene Airport on (successfully) flying with kids. EUG_JuneJuly_17_travel mom