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Rosette necklaces

flower necklace

I love the projects posted on Hello Friend blog. Check out directions on how to make these gorgeous rosette necklaces. I love the bright colored fabrics as jewelry--a pop of color to brighten your day and your outfit.
What you'll need:
- A scrap of fabric 1" wide and at least 45" long (recommends linen and cottons)
- A scrap of felt to use as backing
- A hot glue gun (or fabric glue)
- A closed jump ring
- A finished chain
Get step-by-step instructions and photos here.

Wardrobe makeover tips



We are hard at work on the Makeover Issue of MOM Magazine - debuting early June. I can't wait for you to see the amazing makeovers of our Cover MOM winners. While working on the story, I stumbled on these great info videos from local NW designers:

  1. Building a wardrobe (Hood River Redesign)
  2. Simplifying your wardrobe
  3. Summer dresses 2011 (Garnish)
  4. Summer colors


And then I was so bad. I fell in love with the gorgeous orange dress in video #4 and went directly to the Garnish site. I ordered it in the brown top version, sight unseen. I never do that! I'll let you know how it goes when it arrives. Check out their designs - amazing!




MOM Makeover 2011

It was another exciting makeover! The votes have been tallied and reconciled and our 2011 winner is...

Katie Brown

katie brown

Katie was nominated with the following kind words:

Katie is a loving, thoughtful and hard-working single mom. She has two children, one who is a busy soccer player and the other who is a growing girl. She works cleaning homes while attending school at Lane Community College for an engineering degree. Her goal is to make a better living for her family and she strives hard to do it earning honors in her school work. (Most of her work is done while having to miss needed sleep). Last year her father died from a brain tumor. Her year has been a challenge. She is always there as a friend, and has little time to herself. I would like to see her receive a makeover because she could use time to pamper herself and be acknowledged for all that she does on her own and for her children and friends.

Congratulations, Katie! Stay tuned for updates on Katie's makeover, and look for her to appear on the cover of the June/July issue.