Let's Go To Baby Zoo!

With several weeks left before spring, your little ones might be itching to go outside but can't quite withstand the cold temperatures. Besides your local library or museums, try taking a trip to a slightly smaller (and FREE) zoo close by…

baby zoo

Pet stores, which my family affectionately calls "Baby Zoo" can be a delightful trip for your kids to learn about animals and see critters that may never be welcome in your home like snakes and tarantulas. My kids always get a kick out of watching the ferrets play and are amazed to see Nemo and his friends in the fish tanks.

This is a great way to help kids learn about a variety of animals and how to care for them should they finally convince you (if they haven't already) to get a family pet.

It's free and fun and helps relieve some of the cabin fever your kids might be having as the holidays are over and the water parks remain closed!

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