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Take the love quiz

It's Valentine's Day - there are no distractions and it's just the two of you.

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Now what do you talk about? Here are some great ideas about adult relationships from Eugene's Birth to Three, an amazing resource for parenting groups, relationship support and advice and networking.

Love Quiz:  Adult Relationships


In the mood for romance?

February is the month of love, but don't forget to make special time together all year round.


One lucky reader will win a romantic getaway for two at Eugene's historic Campbell House. Click here to visit their site, watch the quick video and tell us in the comments section below:

What room does the couple have for their romantic getaway?

One comment will be chosen randomly. Comment before noon on March 10th. Click on their logo below to view the video. Good luck!

Campbell House

Birthday giveaway - Laser Trek at Putters

lasertrekHave you seen the Feb/Mar birthday party issue of MOM Magazine? Check it out here.

Laser Trek at Putters is giving away 10 free passes - share with us in the comments section below details about the best birthday party you've either thrown or attended. We'll randomly pick a commenter to win.

Valentine's Day Games for Kids

Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to teach your kids about caring and sharing, while also mixing in a little chocolate! There are lots of fun ways to make February 14th special for your little ones...

Here are some games you can play at home with your family or if you're hosting a Valentine's Day party:

Valentine's Toss is an easy game that will keep the kids laughing and burning energy.

*Have the children stand in a large circle. Give one player a soft, red ball, small stuffed heart or red beanbag.
*The player is to call out the name of another player, then toss them the ball.
*The second player catches the ball, calls another name, and tosses the ball to that child.
*After a few tosses, add another ball to the game. Now there are two balls being passed simultaneously, and the kids really have to pay attention.
*If the players can keep the game going with two balls, add a third for an extra challenge.
*If you have a large group of players, add a fourth ball.
*You can keep the game going until the children tire of it.

Candy Relay will bring out the giggles, and ends with a sweet treat.

*Divide the kids into two even teams, and have them line up.
*Give every player on each team a small, wrapped candy, such as a peppermint or Tootsie Roll (Warn the kids not to eat their candies yet!)
*The first player on each team puts on a pair of mittens, and at "Go!" attempts to unwrap their candy, which they then eat.
*The mittens are passed to the next player, who repeats the action.
*The first team to unwrap and eat all the candies wins.

ideas courtesy of: KNDU


Making and using POWER CASH

10% of your controllable (discretionary) expenses such as entertainment, groceries, clothing and dinning out = "POWER CASH"

As a single mom raising 3 young boys, I needed to find ways to save money when my budget was very tight. I decided to include the boys in creating a grocery list of items that were needed to complete a menu for two weeks. Upon arrival to the grocery store I opened my wallet and pulled out $100.00 cash. I took $10 and told the boys that if they helped me get all the items on the list for $90.00 that they could split the savings of $10.00. The result was helpful boys that did not ask for anything that wasn't on the list; they bagged the groceries and put them away upon arriving home! NOW THAT'S USING POWER CASH WISELY.


-Julie Wisely, Eugene MOM and Regional Director of Debt Reduction Services

Julie Wisely (2)

Feb/Mar 2012 issue

EUG_cover photo FebMar12

Have you seen the Feb/Mar 2012 issue of MOM in Lane County?

Cover MOM Sarah Shipley - How does she do it?

Birthday parties  - Fun ideas to celebrate

Healthy MOM - McKenzie-Willamette Medical Center - Saving one million hearts

Money MOM - Get out of debt

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Let's Go To Baby Zoo!

With several weeks left before spring, your little ones might be itching to go outside but can't quite withstand the cold temperatures. Besides your local library or museums, try taking a trip to a slightly smaller (and FREE) zoo close by…

baby zoo

Pet stores, which my family affectionately calls "Baby Zoo" can be a delightful trip for your kids to learn about animals and see critters that may never be welcome in your home like snakes and tarantulas. My kids always get a kick out of watching the ferrets play and are amazed to see Nemo and his friends in the fish tanks.

This is a great way to help kids learn about a variety of animals and how to care for them should they finally convince you (if they haven't already) to get a family pet.

It's free and fun and helps relieve some of the cabin fever your kids might be having as the holidays are over and the water parks remain closed!