Pool Noodle Fun

So, are you wondering what to do with all the pool noodles leftover from summer water play? Why, make Marble Launchers, of course! Your kids will love making and putting their special touches on their own raceway.

Here's what you need:

Pool noodle (in any color!)
Toothpicks and Skewers
Crayons or Markers
Clear Tape


  1. Have a grown-up cut the pool noodle in half lengthwise.
  2. Use skewers to join the halves, side by side.
  3. Make paper banners by cutting them out and decorating them with raceway checker patterns. Be sure to make a 'start' banner and pennants to place along the raceway.
  4. Tape the banners to toothpicks or skewers and set them in place along the raceway.
  5. Prop up one end of the track and launch the marbles.


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