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Cover MOM: Sarah-Kate Sharkey

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Easter Eggs to (Tie) Dye For

It's not too late for stylish eggs this Easter. Learn how to dye Easter Eggs using old silk ties in the latest issue of MOM Magazine.

Tie Dye Eggs

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Kids and technology…resistance is futile


By Ali Madison, Marketing Communications Manager at Trios Health

Mother of two









I didn't have a cell phone until I was in college, and neither did most of my friends. Now, many kids have smart phones, tablets, and more before they even get to high school; even infants are using technology more than ever before. Not only are they getting it sooner, but the platform and application options continually expand along with the capabilities each offers. It can feel a little overwhelming.

It's easy to understand why some parents feel a little unsure about the proliferation of technology into our children's lives--after all, we grew up playing outside, getting dirty, and using our imaginations, right? We didn't sit around and stare at backlit screens all day interacting with a two-dimensional rather than three-dimensional world. So how do we handle the new era we've found ourselves raising our own kids in?

I think all of our TherMOMeter moms agree that technology can be a good thing for kids--even essential and life-enabling in the case of our mom whose daughter relies on it to communicate-and it's definitely not going anywhere. It has become integral to daily life at home, at school, and at work, across all ages and industries. And the things it allows us to do and learn are nearly limitless. We need to think about how to best embrace it rather than fight it because it's different from our own childhoods or because we fear the potential downsides.

Perhaps it's about maintaining focus on its upsides rather than on how too much of it can be a bad thing. We as parents get to decide what "too much" is for our own children, and to determine the mix of content they access. We also get to decide when it's time to go outside and play, read a book, or do an art project. But by finding a way to let technology add value in healthy ways, we're helping prepare our children to live and thrive in their world--today's amazing and fast-paced world--while still leaving plenty of time for learning, playing, and creating the way many of us grew up doing it.

Our TherMOMeter team has offered a variety of creative approaches for managing children's technology use in the latest installment, from nightly device check-ins to earned screen time. Try what you think will work best for your family, and if it doesn't, hit refresh until you find the balance you're looking for.

Family doctor vs. urgent care vs. emergency room. How do you decide where to take your child when sick or injured? - Nicole

There is nothing worse than having a child that is sick or injured. That feeling of nervousness, your heart is in your throat, and you have to be the one to take charge and decide what to do; I guess that's called being a mom.

I always prefer to go to our family pediatrician; they know our kids, and they have a 'baseline' for what is their 'normal'. I always think that is the best solution, unless there is an emergency. We have been to the ER before (so scary); I will use that if we just can't wait or something needs to be done right away and every minute counts.

Luckily that is usually not the case! The pediatrician can deal with everything else.

Create some leprechaun mischief this St. Patrick's Day

Happy St Patricks Day

Happy Valentines Day

Fun Games with Candy Hearts

valentine candy

  • Candy Hearts Bingo: Simple enough - instead of playing with chips or dots, play bing with candy hearts. Everyone gets to keep their candy while the bingo winners get an extra pack to take home!
  • Candy Hearts in a Jar: Fill a mason jar with candy hearts (count em') and guess how many are in the jar. Write the guesses on a scrap of paper with their name and then announce the winner!
  • Candy Hearts Match Up: Split up your candy heart supply, whether by phrase or color, and orchestrate matching games for the kids to play, i.e. play music while students walk around and circle together with others who have like colors or words on their hearts.
  • Candy Hearts Pick Up: Give each player a pair of chopsticks, a small cup or bowl, and a plate of candy hearts. Set a timer for two minutes while players try and place as many candy hearts as they can in their cup or bowl with the chopsticks. At then end, count the total number of candy hearts they were able to place in their cup with the chopsticks, and the kid with the most wins a fun prize!

For these and other fun ideas, visit Room Mom Spot

Last Comedian Standing

Are you the "Funny Mom" in the group? Now's your chance to take the mic - and compete for $10,000.

Click here and on the logo - go to their site to register.

Last comic Standing

Deadline for submissions March 1st. 2014.
Dates for Screenings:

  • Portland- Wednesday March 5th TBD
  • Medford-Wednesday, March 5th@ Ronky-Tonk
  • Bend-Thursday, March 7th-@ Summit Bar and Stage
  • Eugene-Thursday and Friday, March 6th and 7th @ The City/Kowloon's
  • Albany- Friday, March 7th at Riley's
  • Grant Pass- Saturday March 8th@ TapRock

Meyer Media announces Oregon's Last Comedian Standing will be returning this spring. 45 contestants statewide will have a chance at their share of up to $10,000 in cash and prizes making Oregon's Last Comedian standing the top prize for amateur competitions in the Northwest.

"This year we're hosting screening events and showcases of the finalists in Eugene, Bend, Portland, Albany/Corvallis, Medford and Grants Pass. This is record breaking for the Oregon comedy scene, or in this case comedian breaking. It's also a chance for arts and businesses to work together to raise the bar and create opportunities to launch talent out of our communities." states Jennifer Meyer, Producer of Oregon's Last Comedian Standing.

For more information or to submit your contact information go online to A complete list of rules, eligibility requirements and dates are available. Deadline for submissions March 1st. 2014

A portion of the proceeds will go to local non-profits; Arts and Business Alliance of Eugene and MEMA, Musicians Emergency Medical Association for their contributions in supporting arts within our communities.

About Meyer Media: Founded in 2004, Meyer Media is a full service advertising agency specializing in turn-key promotions, innovative marketing strategies and event production.