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It's A Treasure Hunt!!!

albany fire department   

Hey Everybody!  

The Albany Fire Department is hosting its ANNUAL TREASURE HUNT on Saturday Oct 2nd from 10am til 2pm.

This is a great event.  I have taken my kids for the past 2 or 3 years.  4 stations in Albany host this event and there are different activities at each station.  So drop by the one that is closest to your house...OR...go to all four stations and get your activity stamped...when you finish the 4th station you can enter into a drawing for DINNER AT THE FIRE STATION!  What kid wouldn't LOVE that???

Station 11  is located at 110 SE 6th St (downtown)

* Fire Engine Rides

* Spray Water at Targets

* Popcorn

Station 13  is located at 1980 Three Lakes Road SE (Near Home Depot)

*  Ladder Truck Demo

*  Water Rescue Demo with life jacket info

*  Diver Demonstration

*  Cookies & Juice

Station 12 is located at 120 34th Ave SE (Near YMCA)

*  Picture with Fire fighter Clothes on Antique Engine

*  Jaws of Life Demo @ 10:30, 11:45 & 1pm

*  Hot Dogs

Station 14 is located at 2850 Gibson Hill Rd NW (in North Albany)

*  Life Flight Helicopter landing at 10:00am

*  Junior Fire Fighter Challenge

*  911 Demonstration

*  Candy

My kids and I look forward to this event every come on out and share this experience that your kids will never forget! 


Homemade bath crayons

My kids are a little under the weather today, so we decided to do a low-key project indoors and make bath crayons.

There are tons of tutorials online on how to do this, but I primarily used this one from Helium.

Here are the supplies you need: White ivory soap, cookie cutters, a cheese grater and some food coloring. I received the box of cookie cutters from my good friend Casey as a bridal shower gift - they are awesome. Not only are there endless cookie possibilities, but they are perfect for play doh and, well, bath crayons.


You shred the ivory soap with a cheese grater. We ended up using 3 bars of soap.



Then you take a cup of the soap and mix some warm water (about a 1/4 cup) with it. Stir in food coloring of your choice. You are supposed to stir until it is stiff. I can't say that these every got stiff. I also read you are supposed to stir until the soap dissolves, but my kids were a little too excited to wait that long. IMG_4002



Then press them into cookie cutter molds or ice cube trays. I set these on a piece of wax paper over a cookie sheet. We made about 12 crayons out of 3 bars of soap in 6 different colors.



We put them in the freezer for about 20 minutes, then popped them out of the cookie cutters. You are supposed to let them harden for a day or two before using them in the bath. I'll be interested to see if they really work - I've read that people have had varying degrees of success. Either way, the kids had a blast making them, and it was a very inexpensive project. Let us know if you try it, and if so, how it works!