Lunch Box Love Notes

At the beginning of the new school year it's easy to feel ambitious about our ability to get the kids up early, eat breakfast, pack healthy lunches, check homework and get everyone out the door on time every morning (bonus if both socks match). But let's be honest, as the year progresses we're lucky if a comb passes over their hair once a week. So if you've got grand ideas about slipping a loving note into your child's lunch box every day, or even once in awhile (we recommend the once-in-awhile approach), you need to be armed with some tools to make it easy.


Stock up. Keep notecards, Post it® notes, or scratch paper on hand in the kitchen so you can quickly scribble a message as you're packing all those healthy lunches. Heck, you can even jot down a little note on a paper napkin as you slip it into their lunchbox.
Get inspired. Raid your books or the internet for quotes, riddles and poems that will put a smile on your child's face during their school day.
Print it. The internet is full of free printable lunch notes like these.
Interact. Ask a question that your child can answer after school.

Get Started!

Click the photo to get our Lunch Box Love Notes Printable file, then Cut them out and add your own personal message on the back.




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