Back to school gear guide

back to school


Give back.
Those long school supply lists can be a burden for families, so remember those in need. Many schools and districts collect surplus supplies for those who need a helping hand. Some retailers also allow you to purchase supplies to be donated to local schools. Explore give-back programs in your community or start one of your own.

Shop local.
Online shopping is a busy mom's best friend. How else can you manage a 2 a.m. feeding while ticking items off of your back-to-school list? But it can be isolating, so don't forget about your neighborhood retailers when buying your back-to-school supplies this year. Supporting local businesses helps your local economy, builds your community and gets you out of the house!

Team up.
You don't have to do this alone. Get together with friends to buy items in bulk (at a cheaper price), then split the supplies. Or tap into social media groups to swap extra items with other moms-you might have unused notebooks from last year while they have unopened boxes of crayons to trade.

Don't break the bank.
While it's fun to splurge on one or two choice items like the ones featured here, save your wallet by purchasing bulk items for the remaining supplies: pencils, erasers, notebooks, etc. And before you do any shopping, be sure to take an inventory of what you already have. You might be surprised to find unused or barely used paints, pencils, folders and other supplies left over from last year. Thrift stores and garage sales can also be great places to find unique supplies like backpacks, pencil pouches and more.

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    I really liked this article! Here's a similar one for Australian audiences about back to school resources for teachers.

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