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If you're thinking about planning your own family train trip, take some advice from the Evans family

Set the tone. Attitude is everything. You the parents set the tone for the trip.

Study up. We spent weeks reading books about American History so that what we saw on our trip would mean more. We also watched National Treasure since it visits each of the main cities we were planning to visit. This helped the boys appreciate the importance of the museums and artifacts we visited. Lastly, and probably the most helpful and by complete accident, we had been watching The Amazing Race leading up to our trip. The boys not only gained an appreciation of travel, but they also observed what works well when traveling together and what doesn't. I really believe that this had a tremendous effect on their attitudes throughout the trip.

Scenario plan. Talk through potential situations with your kids beforehand so they know what to do in different circumstances.

Empower your kids. Whenever possible, let them make choices and allow them to handle their own ticket. The more you allow them to feel grown up on a trip like this, the more mature and easy-going the trip will be.

Keep something up your sleeve. Don't show your whole hand at once. Introduce new activities (and snacks) throughout the trip.

Feed them. Often!

Laugh a lot. Be able to laugh at the bumps in the road (or on the train) that are bound to happen.

Praise. Tell them frequently that you are so glad you have kids that can travel like this. Remind them that you can take a trip like this because you have kids that can handle it. Set the bar realistically high and they will reach it.

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    Finding a family-friendly travel agent makes such a difference, too!

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