How to thrive during a power outage

the kid

Treat yourself. Have water, drinks and pantry snacks on hand so you can feed your crew without opening your fridge. Make it fun. This is not the time to stick rigidly to your "healthy snacks only" mantra. If you have reason to believe the power will be out for an extended amount of time, go ahead and break into that gallon of ice cream in  the freezer-it's probably going to melt anyway.

Let it glow. Deck everyone out with glow sticks, then turn off all the flashlights for a glow party.

Blow it up. Always have balloons on hand. They're inexpensive and surprisingly entertaining. Try balloon volleyball or tennis, waddle races, pass the balloon or
the classic rub the balloon against your hair to create static energy.

Camp out. Kids will likely want to sleep with you, or at least with each other, while the lights are out. Be ready with extra blankets or sleeping bags to create a common sleeping area in your bedroom or living room. Go for the full camping effect by pitching a small tent.

Make it flash. Put those flashlights to good use by making shadow puppets or playing flashlight tag or freeze dance.

Take a break. Your family will likely come to treasure this time off the grid together, but that doesn't mean that mom doesn't need her breaks. Try to stick to nap or rest schedules and carve out some time for you-sneak away with a miner's lamp and a good book, or lie down while the kids build a fort around you (it's dark, they won't see that your eyes are closed).

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