Make Patriotic Parade Wands

Your kids will be the hit of the parade this Fourth of July with these simple-to-make parade wands.

front jar

Items needed:

Dowels cut to 12" (any size)

Eye hooks

Acrylic or spray paint

Foam brushes (if using acrylics)

Frills (ribbon, yarn and lace scraps)

supplies 3 full wand red 1

Three simple steps:

Paint your dowels

Attach the eye hooks into the end of the dowels

Attach frills by using a thin ribbon to tie them all to the eye hook

Now just head to the parade route and show your Fourth of July spirit.

For a simple table decoration after the parade, simply paint a mason jar and fill with your wands.


Photos and craft instruction courtesy of Jenn Sheffler, an incredibly crafty and organized mother of three. Check out more of her great craft, DIY and organizing tips at her blog,, or attend one of her DIY workshops at the Craft House,


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