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The happiest place on earth

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Planning a vacation to the happiest place on earth? Travel MOM shares with our readers some tips on when, where and how to do Disneyland in this article.

You can also read what MOM Magazine designer Kassie Boeringher learned on a recent trip to Disney here.

Win a Signed Copy of this Delightful Comedy!

Allie Jaskie, recent fashion school graduate, needs a job. Charlie Braun, editor of Happy Camper Magazine, needs a field reporter. The clock is ticking for an article about summer snow camping on Mount Rainier. Allie is not fond of camping, much less, snow. But she's down to her last can of tomato soup. What's a hungry girl to do? She changes her name to Sage Forester, and shows up for an interview in a comical ensemble of old camping attire, courtesy of Goodwill. Something about Sage Forester doesn't quite add up, but Charlie is intrigued enough to give her a chance. When Sage returns from Mount Rainier with her article: Fashions in the Forest, the editorial staff roars hysterically until their boss says run it.


Sage is an instant hit with the ladies. Who would guess so many would love the idea of trading in their army green camping gear for pink tents, and bright hiking attire? Sage's celebrity continues to soar until Charlie discovers that Sage Forester is not who she says she is, nor is she spending those invigorating nights sleeping in the snow, as all were led to believe. Readers of all ages are in for an avalanche of fun in this heartwarming adventure as Sage and Charlie battle it out in Paradise on Mount Rainier.

Win a signed copy of this heartwarming tale by commenting below. A winner will be selected on May 1st. Good luck!

An apron in the kitchen

I am so smitten with my new apron from Birdkage. I wore it to make breakfast this morning, homemade waffles, from scratch.

Madison apron_small

Forget the practical reason for wearing an apron - to keep my clothes clean. I just feel powerful - and maybe a little bit sexy - in the kitchen. June, Marion and Wilma knew what they were doing!

June Cleaver .Marion Cunning ham .apron WilmaFlintstone

Check out the amazing aprons at

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Asparagus recipes

Asparagus is a nutrient-rich spring vegetable high in folic acid. It is loaded with things every member of your family needs, like potassium, fiber, vitamin B6, vitamin A and vitamin C.


Add more asparagus to your meals this spring by using these delicious recipes. Click here for recipes from the April/May issue of MOM Magazine.