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Halloween Costumes - Sew Easy

If you are trying to decide on the perfect homemade costume, turn your little one into a sweet M&M. MOM Magazine reader Evonne Walls provides a a tutorial that is simple to follow, even if sewing isn't your strong suit.

mm halloween costume

M&M Costume


  • Fabric (felt or cotton blend is fine) in the color of M&M you want to be. Two yards for a toddler and up to three yards for an older child
  • One to two yards of batting to make the M&M a little poufy
  • Small remnant or quilter's square of white or brown fabric to make the M on the front of the costume
  • White thermal underwear (one or two piece)
  • Velcro strips


  1. Use a piece of cardboard to cut out a pattern. Cut a large circle to the size you need your costume to be, keep in mind its better for the costume to be a little big than too small. (Cut an oval pattern for a peanut M&M.)
  2. Cut out four circles from the fabric and two circles from the batting using the cardboard pattern.
  3. Cut a large M (Search for M&M under Google images for to print out a template) out of white material, then glue it to the front or use Wonder Under to iron the M onto the one of the circles. Appliqué the edges of the M. This circle will be the front of the front M&M piece.
  4. Select two circle pieces and sew two strips (6"-7" each) of Velcro across each piece, one about one-third away from the top and the other one-third away from the bottom of the circle. You will then sew the other side of those Velcro pieces onto the back and stomach/chest region of the thermal underwear.
  5. Now you will take one circle with the Velcro and the circle with the M and place them on top of the each other so the M and the Velcro are facing each other. You will repeat this step with the other two pieces except you just need to make sure the one circle that is blank has the right side (finished side) of it facing the Velcro strips.
  6. Sew around the edges of each pair of circles leaving about 4" open at the top so you can turn the circles right side out so the raw seams are on the inside of the costume .
  7. Stuff the batting inside the circles through the opening so it lays flat inside.
  8. Once you have stuffed the batting inside you can close the opening by folding in the edges and hand stitching it closed or sewing it on your sewing machine.
  9. You're done. Have your child put on the thermal underwear and then attach the circles.


Instead of affixing the M&M with Velcro you can sew straps or strings into the shoulder area and on the sides so you can tie the costume on.

Halloween Costumes - Think outside the box!

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