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DIY flower hair clips

As a birthday gift for my daughter, I made these


cute little flower hair clips. They were super easy, and thanks to a clearance sale at Creative Crafts and Frame Shop, they were really cheap! She LOVED them...think we might have to make some more.

You need:

-Alligator hair clips - I got a package of 6 at Fred Meyer. You can also get them at any beauty supply store, like Sally's

-Grosgrain ribbon - I just used what I had in my craft stash

-Silk flowers

-Hot glue gun

-Brads or decorative pearls or gems - again, I just used random stuff from my stash



Here's what you do:

Open up an alligator clip, and run a bead of hot glue on the under side of the top piece.IMG_4047

Quickly place the ribbon along the glue, covering the clip.


Now run another bead of hot glue along the top of the clip - wrap the ribbon around and secure it in place. Cut off any excess. Here is what I ended up with:


Next, take your silk flowers and pop the flower heads off of the stems. It's easier to do than you think. Then, pop the middle of the flower off too.


You have a couple of choices here - either replace the middle with a brad, or you can hot glue the petal layers together and put an adhesive pearl or gem in the middle. If you want to use the flower center that came with the flower, just cut the plastic bit off that sticks through the petals, and hot glue them all together.

Then you simply hot glue them to your clips and voila!



Here is the birthday girl with one in her hair: