eReaders & Summer reading

Summer reading got a little more fun this year for a couple reasons - I am the proud owner of my very own eReader AND I had this amazing streak of reading 5 books in a row that I absolutely adored.Nook

Kindle vs. Nook

A few years ago, I bought the original Kindle as a birthday gift for my husband. He loved it. I did too. So much that I was often begging him to borrow it. So when the eReader price war began earlier this summer, my husband got a Wifi only Nook for me as an early birthday present. The big attraction to the Nook (vs. another Kindle) was not only the price, but the ability to borrow ebooks from our library and other sources. Finding free books for the Kindle is very difficult, and for the most part you are stuck purchasing books through Amazon for the Kindle.

Not only does my local library have an awesome selection of ebooks to borrow,  Barnes and Noble also has a "lend me" option on many books allowing Nook owners to share books with each other. I have found that the Nook is a little slower than the Kindle - pages turn a little slower and commands take just a tad longer. Navigation of the touch screen commands take a little getting used to. But over all, I love it. I also found with the Kindle I was constantly accidently hitting the page turn button (I understand this issue was resolved with the Kindle 2, but I haven't tried personally yet). There is not that problem with the Nook. The Nook feels good in my hands - it is slim and light. The Kindle feels a little clunkier, but that is because I was always trying to avoid the page turn buttons! With the Wifi only Nook, you are limited to internet connection when a wireless network is available, which is generally not a problem for me.

Is an eReader right for you?

The big hesitations I hear about eReaders are "Will it give me a headache?" and "aren't you scared to bring it to the beach?" and "Don't you miss the touch, feel, smell of a physical book?"

eReaders use this cool new technology called electronic ink. The device is not back lit, so it is nothing like looking at a computer screen. You have to see it yourself to understand. It is amazing.

eReaders are awesome for traveling. You can bring a whole library of books with you in one small device! We purchased a waterproof cover for it so sand and water would not harm it at the beach.

I personally do not miss the touch, feel smell of a physical book. I'm not a book collector - I read a book once and then I'm done with it. My only complaint with eReaders is that it is a little difficult to flip back through to reference previously read material. You can easily book mark a page, and you can easily jump to a chapter. But if you aren't sure where it is you saw something, it's tough to flip through. For example, while reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, there are a lot of Swedish names and places I had trouble keeping track of. I found myself wanting to flip back, but was not able to do so easily.

Overall, I highly recommend eReaders, specifically the Nook. Both devices are great, but the fact that the Nook is more flexible in terms of where you can get books puts it at the top for me.

Stay tuned for my summer reading recommendations!

6 comments for “eReaders & Summer reading”

  1. Gravatar of raeannraeann
    Posted Wednesday, August 18, 2010 at 6:10:10 PM

    Very interesting! I am a paper-and-ink book junky, but you've raised my curiosity. Also, I am dying to know what your 5 great books are. I'm in a slump. I did love The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Having a hard time following up his whole series.

  2. Gravatar of KassieKassie
    Posted Saturday, August 21, 2010 at 10:05:51 AM

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Kindle. BK (before kids) I read all the time. Since then, I'd do three or four books a year--not even keeping up with my bookclub. I got my Kindle for Christmas and I've read more books so far this year than the last two years combined. I don't know if I read faster with it, or if it's just because it's easier to get books, but I'm back to my old reading self.

    I've never had a headache from it. In fact, my eyes feel good (I increase the font size--so no need for my reading glasses). The first day my thumb swelled up from pressing the "next page" button. I changed my technique and I haven't had any problems since. I can also read my books on my iPhone with the Kindle app, so if I don't have my Kindle around, I'm not without my book.

    One negative, I think it's a little TOO easy to get books, and I have to watch what I spend because it can really ad up. Although the prices are sometimes better than their traditional counterparts--they're of course more expensive than the library or borrowing a book from a friend.

    Raeann, you have to try the Hunger Games trillogy by Suzanne Collins. They're young adult, but they're page turners!

  3. Gravatar of SusanSusan
    Posted Saturday, August 28, 2010 at 1:38:21 PM

    I have had my Kindle for a couple of years. I do love it, and I have read more books after having gotten it. I don't really know why, but perhaps because it is so easy to have books available. I did quite a bit of traveling in the past year by car and by plane. It was wonderful to just bring along my Kindle. I didn't have to stress about what books to bring as I could get any book I wanted instantly! Plus, it takes us very little space.
    My daughter-in-law has a Nook and I borrowed it this past week to read a book she 'owns' that I don't own. That is the only part about electronic readers that is frustrating. When you have a paper book that you have loved, you can easily share it with a friend. I guess the Nook allows you to share with other Nook owners, but it would be nice to be able to share with ANYONE!
    Now that I used the Nook and the Kindle, I still like my Kindle better. Maybe I'm just more used to the touch of the buttons. The Nook seemed slower to me and the buttons were harder to push. (That sounds pretty lame, I know). However, I did appreciate the Nook letting you know what page you were on as the Kindle will just tell you what percent of the book you've read. I also like that the Nook is making an effort to let you share your e-books, even if they're only amongst other Nook folks.
    I do still read paper books and don't think this is a device that will be the end of paper media. It's just another option. It always feels good to have a choice, doesn't It?

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