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Mia's Dora Birthday Party

Mia started planning her "Dora the Explorer" party to celebrate her 4th birthday a few days after her 3rd birthday party. We planned a big outdoor party, but at the last minute had to switch to indoors due to rain.

We made an "adventure" the kids had to go on to find the party (through the dark cave, through lollipop field, and finally to treasure island)


We kept the decorations and food bright and colorful "Dora" colors. We made chocolate dipped pretzel rods with colorful sprinkles:


We also made flowers and stuck little Dora character punchouts in the middle, then taped them to tooth picks for the cupcake decorations.


Our Swiper the Fox was the ingenious creation by my husband. He put a picture of Swiper on an overhead projector, and traced it onto a piece of cardboard, then colored it in.


We filled a round jello mold with water and fruit slices and froze it for the ice ring.


We made a colorful bunting with fabric scraps to hang up - a tutorial can be found in the Feb/Mar issue of MOM Magazine.


Dollar store telescopes made perfect favors and decorations!