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Breakfast with Santa, Ice Skating and More!

Annual Christmas Event

Thanksgiving grocery shopping

Don't laugh - I'm going grocery shopping today for Thanksgiving. It's not as bad as it sounds. Dinner is at my sister's and I just need a few things. But yes, I did wait until Tuesday before the big day and I know that I'm headed into a grocery firestorm. Especially since school was canceled today. Help me out here. Where are the best deals, moms?


Harry Potter at Midnight was so worth it!!!!

So, weeks ago I got on line at Fandango and bought tickets for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1.  My son and I went to the last one also at midnight and he was so excited.  Something new a different and very grownup I might add.

Last night we went out for dinner to his favorite place (Panda Express for the Orange Chicken) and then headed to the theatre in Albany about 8pm.  That's right...8pm for the midnight movie.  I knew how cold it was going to be and wanted to make sure we got a place in line inside the building.  We took books, game boy, etc and settled in for the wait.  To my surprise the theatre got it right this time.  They cancelled all shows that had a roughly 9pm start and sat people in their appropriate theatres as the last shows got out.  It was great because we got to sit in the theatre seats for at least 2-3 hours which is way better than the ground!


Tanner and I got awesome seats right behind the wheelchair ramp about halfway down which usually means there is no one infront of him for 3 full rows and he has an awesome view.  We talked, giggled, drank caffeinated pop to stay awake and generally had a great time as mom and son. 

The movie was one of the best I thought.  It had a great deal of darkness to it as it leads up to the finale and the epic battle of good and evil.  But, this was probably the funniest of the movies.  There was a good combo of the two. 

*****If you are thinking about taking your kids there are a few scenes with the large snake that are super frightening.  You might want to wait for DVD so you can fast foward or be prepared to cover eyes and ears.  If the scenes had been in 3-D I think I might have wet my pants....LOL!!!!

I have had a few people ask why I would take my 11 year old to a movie at midnight on a school night....hmmmmmm

Well, my answer is that I only have 1 year until he gets to middle school and by then he might not want to talk to me...ever!  So, I try to take the opportunites I can to show him how much I love him and want to spend time with him.  A midnight movie is no small undertaking.  We didn't get home til after 3 am and he is still sleeping now at 1230 in the afternoon.  But, I guess breaking the rules about going to school is ok every now and then.  We spent some awesome time together and it was special just me and him.  In 5 years no one will remember that he missed a day of school but HE will remember his mom took him to his first and 2nd midnight movies.   Priceless memories.....

We are excited already for the final installment of Harry Potter in 2011.  Tanner has it on his calendar so I can get tickets right away...Amazing...he is already planning our next "DATE NIGHT".   

Hope you have a great weekend....I will be catching up on some sleep!  Melissa

It's Freezing outside...Time for Soup!!!!

I love it when it gets cold outside.  I love it even more when it snows and I get to cuddle up in front of my fireplace and eat SOUP!!!

I am ususally a crock-pot/slow cooker kind of gal in the winter.  But this soup is one you make on the stove.  We are just getting out of Halloween and Thanksgiving is next week.  So we have pumpkin coming out our ears!  This recipe for Pumplin apple soup is one I have used in the past and it is delicious. 

Try it for yourself and let me know what you think!  Melissa

Pumpkin Soup

Combatting Childhood Obesity one cupcake at a time....

dickson_ilanaFrom the Desk of Mid-Valley Healthy MOM Dr. Ilana Dickson

This is a very interesting yet controversial article concerning ways to combat obesity. Some Michigan schools are banning cupcakes in order to fight obesity seems to me a first step in the right direction. Although this is not the answer to our overgrowing obesity epidemic in the United States, it is a first step to send a message that junk food is not tolerated or promoted in the public school system. An overhaul of the food we offer in our public school system also seems like a good place to start however due to funding, politics, lobbying, etc. this has proven to be a very difficult task. I remember my daughter being in a class whose teacher would not allow any junk food during any of their celebrations. As a result, my daughter as well as many other children in the class felt very deprived of this privilege as other classes were allowed unlimited amounts of junk food associated with birthdays and holidays. At the time it seemed reasonable to me yet unfair to the children that one classroom would be singled out as such. If there was a school policy that did not allow  classes to bring unlimited amounts of junk food during the special occasions no one would feel left out. What parents do at home is certainly at their discretion and only we can, as the medical community, try and educate folks on how to limit foods that are contributing to this ever growing problem.  However, we can certainly try and take responsibility in our community, i.e. the public sector, to advocate healthy food choices and exercise.

Fun Thanksgiving Project for the Kids!

I was online today looking for some fun craft projects for the kids to do. I found these adorable Marshmallow Pilgrim hats that are not only cute but edible. 


My daughter McKenna always likes to make sure to have place cards for everyone at the table.  I think you could write peoples names on the brims and set them at each table setting. 

Let me know if you try these.  I think it will be the perfect craft for when Grandma comes this weekend! 

 Check out the link below to see a video and ingrediant list.

Santa open house in North Albany

Need a push to get in the holiday spirit? Head to North Albany Village tonight! Santa Claus will be in North Albany Village to celebrate the annual Holiday Open House on Thursday, November 18 from 6 to 7 pm.

Santa open house

Holiday carolers, kid's coloring area, and holiday treats of cookies, candy and egg nog will be served. A free drawing will be held for a 7' flocked Christmas Tree, gift baskets, poinsettias and a 30" holiday wreath. In The Lens Photography will be on hand to take photos of Santa with the children. See you there!

Don’t Stay Cooped Up on Thursdays

If your kids are itching to get out of the house even as the weather turns cold, take them to a fun and interactive exhibit with murals that will make them feel like they're outside on a beautiful spring day. Open most Thursdays from noon to 4 pm, Cooper's Corner is an educational bicycle and pedestrian safety exhibit free for kids up to age 12.


Using scooters, kids learn about stoplights, traffic safety, railroad crossings and crosswalks while they zoom around colorful murals depicting buildings, the Columbia River, businesses and more. The stoplights and crosswalks are operational, and your pint-size travelers can even cross a miniature cable bridge.


This is a great way for parents to help their children understand traffic safety while instilling good habits. Kids can also park their 'cars' to check out the police station, firehouse and hospital buildings around exhibit.

Coopers Corner

Cooper's Corner is named after Cooper Jones, who was tragically killed in a bicycle accident in 1997. This great exhibit helps carry on his legacy while sending home a powerful message about safety. Cooper's Corner is run by volunteers and is located near the JCPenney store entrance inside the Columbia Center Mall.

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What do you want for Christmas this year, mom?

Greetings from MOM

We know how busy all of you moms are going to be for the holidays. Here is a quick greeting to let you know that we're all in this together. Remember to take time to enjoy this holiday season, and maybe even do something special for yourself!

Have fun with your holiday greetings. Elf Yourself today! It's fun and really easy.

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