Spring Break

I am in Seaside having a blast with family, cold rain will not slow us down. Several friends were headed for Disneyland. And yet others had to stay home and work (sorry honey-love you and miss you). Here are some tips for all the above:

Beach-bound = Bring rain gear and a dry change of clothes. It's no fun staying indoors. And really not fun being cold and wet.

Mouse-bound = Slather on the sunscreen. We pasty-skinned Oregonians can't handle the spring sun. And be sure to schedule "mom" time to relax after fighting the spring break crowds for a seat on Splash Mountain. The Traveling Mamas have sampled every mouse margarita and duck daiquiri and listed their favorites.

House-bound = Send the kids off to day camp while you're at work. Riverbottom Stables has a great horse camp. Corvallis and Albany Parks and Recreation have every kind of activity you could dream of. And for the crafty kids, The Pottery Place and Surefire are a great outlet. Get wild and wooly at Wildlife Safari in Winston. Either send the kids to a day camp, or load the fam up and drive through the park together. If you haven't been, shame on you!

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  1. Posted Monday, March 23, 2009 at 11:39:16 AM

    Make that two changes of dry clothes!!

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