Kellie Trenkle

I would like to nominate my friend Kellie Trenkle to win a makeover and to be featured on the cover of Mom Magazine. Kellie is a patient, loving, and adventurous mom of four beautiful children: Bryson (5 ½), Kennady (4 ½), Kevan (almost 3), and little Karsyn (9 months).

Kellie is passionately in love with Jesus and with her husband, Bryan, to whom she has been married for 7 ½ years. She loves homeschooling her kindergartner and enjoys teaching all her children the ordinary as well as the extraordinary things of life.

While her faith and her family are her top priorities, Kellie also keeps busy with her business, Captivating Photography & Design Co., which came about after many years of freelancing for friends and family who appreciated the quality of her work.

Kellie also enjoys ministering along side her husband who is a high school youth pastor. Her favorite part? “I get to…just be myself.” Week after week she pours herself into the lives of these young people with hopes of helping them “cling to the Lord and be real, to live their faith authentically and practically.”

Kellie’s hobbies include reading, photography, writing, “playing with my babes”, watching sports with her husband, and blog hopping.

When I asked Kellie how she manages to juggle family with business, homeschooling, and other activities, she said, “It’s all about balance…My first priority is to honor the Lord by taking care of my husband, kiddos and home first. If I’m doing that, then everything else falls into place.” But she is quick to admit that, like all moms, some days are a little out of balance (ok, maybe a lot!).

What I like most about Kellie is that she is real, the genuine article. And also that she finds pleasure in all of life, even little things like yellow roses (which remind her of her happy childhood) and cleaning out the lint trap in her dryer (no kidding)!

nominated by Terry Tillman.

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