Janel Sorenson

My wife, of almost 15 years, is Janel Sorenson.  We have two children.  Eliza is 10 years old, and Keith is 6 years old.  Janel is the perfect mother (and wife).  She has unselfishly placed the needs of others in front of her own needs and wants.  Janel is a teacher, and taught sixth grade full time for 7 years before Eliza was born.  She quit teaching to be a stay at home mom because she knew how important it was for children to have a full time mother.

Janel found a perfect co-op preschool for our children, and became a board member.  She helped the preschool become a sought after preschool that uses play to make connections with kids.  When the teacher at the school retired, Janel, and another mom, took over the teaching duties.  It was perfect for Janel because she could take Keith to work with her.  Currently, Keith is in kindergarten and Janel still teaches part time at the preschool.  She substitute teaches when she can, and takes on-line classes to keep her teaching certificate.  She will be looking to return to teaching full time next school year.

Janel runs our household.  She pays the bills, cooks the meals, does the laundry, cleans the house, doctors the kids (and our dog), and organizes our calendars; all with a positive attitude.  She is an efficient machine.  We recently bought a house built in the 1920’s, along with some land.  It is a true fixer-upper, and she knew there would be a lot of inconveniences, but she also knew the property and the potential for growth would be perfect for growing children.  Janel works nonstop at painting, caulking, cleaning and fixing.

Janel is an example to all her friends.  I would invite you to ask them.  She gets phone calls from everyone asking for advice, nutritional information, or seeking information about the latest virus going around.  If she doesn’t know the answer, she will research it until she knows it inside and out.  Janel also sits on the local Sutherlin Community Resource Center board.  She has been part of the board for many years.  SCRC provides many resources to the community, but it is mostly an after school program for kids who typically have no where else to go.

Lastly, since Keith was born, Janel has lost 75 pounds.  She is turning 40 this year and is looking great.  She gets up every morning at 4:45 and walks hills with our dog (who is also in great shape).  She walks that early because the kids are still asleep.  She has lost 35 of those pounds in the last year.  I keep telling her to go buy new clothes, but she doesn’t want to spend money on herself.  I can’t cover it all in a short e-mail, but those are the highlights.

I hope this works.  I had to e-mail it from home, while my wife's in the other room.

Thank you, Kurt Sorenson

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