Dana Moore

I am nominating both myself and my friend Dana Moore for your Mom Makeover Contest.  Dana and I became friends this past year as we shared similar trials over the last 4-5yrs.  If one of us is fortunate to win, it will be a long deserved gift.  Dana and I both became single moms through a traumatic journey and had to face life alone, each raising 2 children.

Life is not perfect and through the loss of dreams, new directions are revealed.  Each of us being strong, independent women and moms, had to draw even deeper within ourselves to be the support for our children, while surviving a very difficult situation.

I will talk first about myself.  I manage a local department store here in Roseburg.  I moved here nearly 9yrs. ago from Tacoma, Wa. to raise a family in a community environment.  I now have 2 sons, Curtis 9 and Samuel 5.  My job is very demanding and I try to keep a careful balance between work, my boys, church and community.  Giving Back is a value I grew up with and try to instill in my boys as they grow.  I also rely on 2 wonderful part time caregivers that have been there for us through this almost 5 year journey.  My goal is to give my boys the most stable environment possible so they can feel my love and security and grow to be strong, independent and fulfilled adults.  Dana has the same values.  Her situation is very similar.  She is raising her daughter, Taylor age 12 and son, Chase 9.  She is the owner of a local Home Décor store and shares many garden and interior decorating talents.  She too is a survivor.  She puts her children’s interests before her own and with the support of friends and family has also maintained a careful balance with her work, children, faith and family. She cares about her community and supports different causes as Roseburg is where she grew up.  Neither Dana or myself have given any time to ourselves over the past 10+yrs as our children were born and we journeyed to a single parent life.  All of our efforts have been to stabilize and create normalcy for our children.  A single parent friend once gave me this poem by Anne Peterson, titled “Every Single Day” which reads:  Single parents live their lives in a world that’s made for twos.  And often solitary life is not the path they’d choose.  Their days are overwhelming with so much to be done.  They feel so very tired before their day’s  begun.  So Lord, please keep these parents with the heavy load they bear and every single day, please let them sense your loving care.  I read this as suggested by my single parent friend, when I need to be reminded that there are so many others walking in my same shoes.

Nominated by Alison Eggers

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  1. Posted Wednesday, June 28, 2017 at 2:13:58 AM

    This is such a lovely story. It would be wonderful to win a prize like this to share with a friend in your parenting journey. Hopefully you guys will win this and you'll take plenty of photos to keep in a storage box as keepsakes. One day when you guys are old and grey and you take out this little memory box, you'll look back on this time and remember what it's like to have friends who support you so unconditionally. And better yet if you continue to be friends even then! Good luck!

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