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Tina Cole

I am nominating myself as horrible as that sounds! I could use a mom makeover! I am a single working mom of my 1 1/2 year old son and my 3 year old daughter. Whew! I think that explains it all!
Thank you! Tina Cole ~ Canby, Oregon
Photos: My son and me holding my cousin's baby and a picture of my daughter and me!

Laura Lillie

I would like to nominate my daughter, Laura Lillie, for the mom make-over.  She is an amazing mom of a 1 year old daughter, Makayla.

She also trains horses, gives riding lessons, leads a horse 4-H group, loves her husband, Brian, who is unemployed, and is active in her church.  I admire her for the very special, creative mom that she is.

She and her family live on 6 acres near Alpine, OR and hay and manage another ranch of 45 acres. Her business website is
Chris Nunan ~ Mom of Laura

Donna Morhain

I will start with the basics: Name:  Donna Morhain
Children:  4.  Shannon 16, Molly 14, JP 9, Patty 6
Animals:  2 minis, 1 paint, 2 dogs, 5 cats (wow!) Husband:  Brett Morhain
Town:  Roseburg, Melrose area
I live a busy life as a mother of four, volunteering at school, coordinating schedules, running a household.  I am also a real estate broker running a successful real estate brokerage (which is difficult in this economy!).  I love my career and my family but it is a juggle to do both.  My business does allow me the flexibility to be available for my children for sports events, concerts, etc.  My husband is a victim of the current downturn in the economy and is a full-time student at UCC after losing his job of 23 years in August.  Sometimes I feel I could use a "spa day" just so I can have a day to myself.  My busy career, family, and husband keep me from really pampering myself when I need it most.  So, with that said, I am nominating myself because the whole package sounds REALLY, REALLY wonderful!

Shanna Fullbright

I want to nominate my friend Shanna Fullbright – she is an awesome person and fabulous mother.

She has 4 adorable kids that she spends as much time as possible with - Christian 13, Meghan 10, Marcus 6 and Mia 2!

Between her household duties, kids, sports and husband Chris,  Shanna manages her own sewing business right out of her house. She is always making custom orders for friends, family and clients, if it can be sewn Shanna can make it! She started out with baby slings and has made custom diaper bags, hobo and hand bags, key fobs, hair bands, and pretty much anything that a piece of fabric and thread can create! She is a true talent of a person and mother.

Her youngest baby girl Mia will almost always be donning some home made fleece outfits, rompers, dresses, jackets, bloomers, with matching hair accessories and a purse/toy bag all her own! The older siblings help each other out as much as possible and even get interested in all of mom’s crafts and artwork. Meghan the olderst girl has even started sewing and making her own bags and creations – a talent in the making!

Shanna is a great inspiration to me, knowing that even with 4 kids and a husband you can still find time to have your own successful business, exercise, play with the kids, help with homework, doctor all injuries, take kids to and from football, basketball, track, and soccor, as well as stop for a quick coffee just in time for whatever is next for the day. Her husband coaches the kids in many sports and helps with the family as much as possible – with 4 kids there is always something to do and somewhere to go!

Shanna needs a day of pampering and relaxation – she is a great friend of mine and I would love to see her spoiled for a day….

I am sure that “Coach Chris” can watch the kids long enough for some pampering MOM time!

Thanks! Rory Bausch

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Rory Bausch

A typical game strolling the side lines putting the baby to sleep
I would like to vote for Rory Bausch to receive a Mom Makeover. Rory is a hard working and dedicated Mom. It’s amazing how she juggles family, work and her other activities. She would really appreciate some time and pampering for just herself.  She's definitely deserving. Suzanne Mose

About Rory My name is Rory Bausch and I am a mom of two active boys. Houston, 12 is a 6th grader at Memorial Middle School, and Dallas,19 months old and is quite the little guy!

I graduated from Lebanon High School and then went on to Linn Benton Community College when I had my first son. I worked 3 jobs and went to school along with taking care of my newborn. If I didn’t have such wonderful parents I never would have made it through those tough times as a single parent. I look back now and sometimes I don’t even know how I did it, love and support from my family, and the drive to be a good mom was the biggest reason. I was offered a full time job in the wholesale car business here in Albany and of course I jumped on that opportunity to work just one job and not three! I continued at LBCC with my studies and after a few years I was blessed with a job here at Wah Chang where I am working on my 9th year. I transferred to Linfield College where I FINALLY graduated last year in June with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management, Certificate in Human Resources and a Certificate in Marketing.

The last year+ of my college career was very tough as most college students/parents/career people can attest to, I found out I was pregnant after months of trying, then to find out that my husband was moving to Seattle for work. I became the single mom all over again running back and forth to football practice and games, work, school in McMinnville and with an ever growing belly.

Baby Dallas peeking over my shoulder

Friday June 8th I had a normal day in the office then early the next day Saturday morning I had had my second son (3 weeks early)! It was a great experience all over as I was in the same hospital room in the same hospital (obviously J) almost 10 years later here in Albany – I had the best nurse (Jamie) and doctor (Hovey) – both of which helped keep me calm and collective as can be for that situation!

Houston showing their team is #1 – Go Chiefs!

As any mom knows I have basically been on the go ever since….my oldest like I mentioned is my football all-star, he plays basketball, and is very active riding his four-wheeler, shooting his BB Gun, roller blading, and other middle school boy types of things. The baby has been walking since 6 months which is almost unheard of, he is full of energy and laughs, keeps me running but is such a sweet little baby. He adores his big brother, never misses a football or basketball game and makes almost every practice as well! He tries to mimic his big brother and loves to give hugs, high five’s, and “knuckles”!

I like any other mother know it’s a balancing act of keeping on track with a schedule so that you make all the appointments and important activities. Feeling like a “woman” is not something that I do often if ever, I am usually the last one that gets a hair cut scheduled, or gets new clothes. I am usually bathing and feeding and playing with the baby, helping with 6th grade math and literature, and honestly can admit it’s an effort to get enough time to shave my legs or paint my toe nails!! I try giving myself manicures and taking a moment here and there to pamper myself which usually consists of 10-15 minutes of reading at 11 at night when the rest of the house settles down!

I feel so incredibly blessed however to have two healthy boys, and to be able to look at them every evening and know just how incredible life is and very special they are to me, and how they have helped make me who I am now. I am an Account Manager in the Sales department at Wah Chang, I am now a College Graduate, a mother, and a best friend to my little guys! I would sacrifice anything for my boys, yet sometimes I realize it would be nice to have a couple minutes of me time, a little pampering and feeling spoiled! We are women and I think we need it every once in a while…

A few pictures I had handy here…. Summer 2008 836 – Houston after a football game and his little brother taking a break on the grass

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Candace Wene

My name is Candace Wene'.  And I live in Winston,Oregon. I do have a story for you.

I have had a rough couple years. I have was diagnoised with Breast cancer in Feb,07.  But ths year before that in November of 06,I lost my Mother to cancer as well. I was there to watch her pass .I have endured countlessproblems since Feb,07 I went thru with chemo,radiation. And was sick constantly. I had lost all my long blonde hair due to chemo. Since then it has grown back. But thats not why I'm writing to you.

You see I have not done anything for myself in years. I have been married to the most wonderful man for almost 24 years. I am always busy taking careof my two teenage sons.never have time for myself. Even though I was sick from all the medication I was still attending to our boys. and the home we did live in till January of this year. Now we are stating over again And Im to tired now to continue. But I have David around me constantly to assist me when he can. He also has alot of health promblems as well. I did secure us housing at last. But it cost us all our finances to move. We struggle but by the grace of God we go forward. I have endured enough pain in my life to last a life time. I been told by my doctor that I wont know if I am in remission for another 3 years. Im scared to know that. I want to be nominated for this becouse i want to show my dear husband and children that i can look good even though I am not healthy.

Thank you ~ Candace Wene'

More info from a friend My name is Kelly Kemp. I am writing because I feel that Candace Wene deserves to win this contest. I have know Candace for years. I have seen here go through here battle of cancer and still take care of her boys. I have seen her at times sick and still going to meetings at the school to make sure that her boys are doing o.k. with her being sick.

Candace has the heart of gold. She is always willing to give up what she may want for herself and be there for her family or friends. I feel this contest would be good for her if she won. It would make her feel better about her self. She still has problems from the cancer she has been fighting.
Candace wrote that they just moved not to long ago not because they wanted to, it was because they had to. They had a couple of people that where giving there family problems because of all she has gone through. She is living in this new place and trying to stay a float. She also at this point in time have a friend staying with them that has a six year old little girl...So here we go here giving herself for others again, and thinking of others.
~ From Kelly Kemp

Melissa Stewart

My daughter Melissa Stewart deserves to be chosen as the 1st Annual Mom Makeover.  She is simply incredible, and I am deeply honored to be her mother.

Melissa has an outgoing personality and reaches out across to all people.  She works full-time at Umpqua Bank in the Call Center, and goes out of her way to help and support her fellow co-workers. She has been the recipient of "Employee of the Month" on a couple of occassions, as well.

Besides working full-time, she is also a full-time student at Marylhurst University.  It is her goal to get her undergraduates degree in Communication.  She is very compassionate about her studies, as it is incredibly important to her that she be a good role model for beautiful twin daughters.

With working full-time, going to school full-time, she is also married to a wonderful man whom is like one of my own kids.  Melissa is also the mother of two identical twin daughters who are three-years old.  Where most people go home and try to relax after a busy day at work, Melissa takes the time to encourage her daughters to help her cook dinner.  While they are learning to cook, she is also teaching them some basic counting concepts, and recognition of letters all while the girls are having a terrific fun time just being with their mom.  After dinner she encourages the girls to help her clean up, and then she will sit down and play various games with them (Chutes & Ladders, Hungry Hippo, Match Game, Bingo, Ants in the Pants).

It doesn't stop there, she then gets them their baths, and gets them ready for bed where she will usually spend the next hour reading to them.  After they are asleep, she then begins her studying and corresponding while continuing her education by taking online classes.  For Melissa her family always comes first, and always has. She is a great example of what an ideal mother should be, and I highly recommend her for the 1st Annual Mom Makeover.  I cannot think of anyone more than deserving than her!


Pauline Schulze

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Connie McCutcheon

I would like to nominate my sister, Connie McCutcheon, for the Mom Makeover.  She has two children, ages 12 and 15, at home. And as mothers generally do, she continually puts their needs before her own.  She is very involved with their education and sports, providing them with every opportunity to learn and grow.  This involvement includes driving them to and from their school, sports, and social activities, along with doctor and dental appointments.

This past summer her husband was involved in a life-changing accident that left him disabled.  In spite of the many responsibilities added from her husband’s accident, she has continued to be there for her family, attempting to keep their life as “normal” as possible.  She continues to have great demands on her time and emotions, always putting her needs on the “back burner.”  I have the highest regard for how she’s taken care of her children and husband throughout this difficult time.  Connie truly deserves a “Mom Makeover!”


Rhonda Cannon

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Lisa Martin

Hi! Please enter me in the queen for a day contest! I am 36 and have two boys, 5 & 7, and a wonderful husband. I was born and raised in Roseburg, Oregon and run a business in town. Thanks!

Sincerely, Lisa Martin, Roseburg, OR

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Julie L. Pena

Hello ~ My wonderful wife and I are parents to 7 incredible and active young kids.  We have adopted 6 of them through the state and guardian ship of another!  While I work full time at LBCC, she is a full time stat at home Mom!!!  I do mean FULL TIME stay at home MOM!!!  She keeps this household going!

We have one 4 yr old in Headstart and he alone keeps her going, two great 5 yr olds, a 6 yr old boy, 7 yr old girl the oldest of the boys at 9 and the oldest of the family and longest in our fabulous family a very bright and energetic 10 yr old girl!  All these kids need a mom and dad who can provide every need they come across.

Luckily I have a wonderful and beautiful partner who can help me do this incredible task!  She has a heart of gold and would do anything for us!  She has already parented two older kids who are on their own and has taken on another family with me.  She deserves this great gift you are offering and much more.  We are very happy with our family but hardly anytime for herself and can gets worn out day after day.  Have a chance of being pampered like this would rejuvenate her and make her feel more like a WOMAN and not just a mom, wife, grandma and caregiver.  Thank you for allowing us to share our story and a chance for a truly nice getaway gift.

Ramon Pena, husband to this incredible woman Julie L. Pena

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